Alicia Rodriguez currently lives and works in Hollywood, FL. She was born in New York City, USA, in a multicultural artistic family, and later raised in Venezuela. Rodriguez graduated in Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela and in Fine Arts at the Cristobal Rojas Visual Arts School, both in Caracas, Venezuela. She worked at Atelier Delta d' Architecture in Paris, France, and studied gilding and glass mosaic restoration under a UNESCO program in Florence, Italy. She was a Photography professor for the Nueva Esparta University Graphic Design School, and also for the Villasmil De Leon Design Institute. Alicia held the position as Art Director and Photographer at various publicity and editorial companies. When she moved to Florida, Rodriguez begun to develop her career as a Visual Artist and also worked in commissions for selected clients. While in Florida, she got involved with a non-profit organization for children with special needs, La Ventana de Los Cielos, giving Art lessons to the children. Recently, Alicia Rodriguez has been creating fused glass, focusing her main artistic production on conceiving one of a kind glass artworks.




"After practicing with diverse media, now I'm in the stage of creating my art with fused glass. Water has been a constant subject in my life. That is why, I try to find in the glass a resemblance with water, ice, and water creatures, merging the Florida water sites, like the Ocean and the Everglades, with the water sites of my past, the Orinoquia, the greatest concentration of rivers in the Amazon region of South America. In the themes for my contemporary glass pieces, I subtlety imply the history and the legends of the peoples that live today or inhabited in the past all these regions, especially the ones that reside closer to the water. My ambition is that the viewers can feel through my work a reflection of themselves and their inner essence. I believe that we all carry a genetic memory that, no matter nationality or upbringing, is the same. This genetic memory is exactly what is going to get the spectator to find him/her/self and to become part of the game.".